Club Extras and Covid-19

Putting your safety first

At CheerUnleashed we have certain protocols in place in order to protect our athletes. Are adult classes are currently taking lateral flow tests to ensure that they are protecting each other.These are to be taken and adults are trusted to inform their coach only if the test is negative. Sanitiser is also on offer at our gym in order to protect each other.


Our Club Extra's Story

At our club we like to go the extra mile. 

We believe that making every child and adult feel welcome is extremely important and handwork should be recognised. We have welcome certificates for all of our new cheerleaders, a cheer mascot to go home with cheerleader of the month each month and team captains.

Our team captains were chosen after they gave a speech about why they believed they should be team captain for our club and an anonymous vote was then carried out by each team to decide who they wanted to be their team captain. 

Our team captains are here to welcome new members, support current team members and protect the welfare of the team as a whole.

Meet The Team Captains


(holding team mascot Tumbling Toothless)

Other Club Extras