Get to know us

CheerUnleashed are a cheerleading club based in Telford. We started our mission as there weren't enough sports around for adults to partake in, and we wanted there to be more. As our club began to grow we started to expand and now we offer classes to children from the age of 3 years old all the way through to adults. 

At CheerUnleashed we make everyone feel welcome as we help all ages lead a healthier, more active lifestyle whilst making friends and learning valuable life skills such as confidence boosting along the way! Beginners and advanced alike can attend.

Cheerleading is a fantastic sport to push out of your comfort zone and  work on communication skills as you have to work as a team. It also positively promotes both mental and physical health.

Does that sound like something that you or your child may be interested in? Then please contact us now.

Our gym also has a whole host of equipment, including a cheerleading floor, crash mats, airtracks and more, so you can rest assured that you/your child will be able to train safely with us

Gabrielle Broad

Club Director and Co-Head Coach

Gabrielle has competed on several high level cheerleading teams and won many national and international competitions at level 3 competitions. She has travelled to America to train with American Cheerleaders and even performed at The Royal Albert Hall in London. She has a background in gymnastics  competing multiple times including in the Adult British Gymnastic Championships 2019. With 5 years gymnastic experience and over 4 years experience in cheerleading you can rest assured that she knows what she's doing! Gabrielle has competed in pom teams,cheer teams and stunt teams as well. She currently holds a Level 3,2 and 1 Certification in Cheerleading.


She is also a qualified level 3 Personal Trainer and level 2 Fitness Instructor with over 3 years experience coaching this.

DBS Checked

First Aid Trained

Qualification in Early Years Teaching

Degree in a Sports Related Science and Technology


Reece Lindsay

Co-Head Coach

Reece is a Level 4 qualified Cheerleading Coach and has 9 years coaching experience. Not only does Reece love coaching he is also an excellent athlete himself. Reece is a Level 7 tumbler which means he can carry out skills all the way including a triple twist!

Reece began his journey into Cheerleading through first being a kickboxer and learning 'tricking'- a different style of tumbling. He progressed into cheerleading and is now both a flyer and a base in cheerleading. Reece has competed across Europe in kickboxing and has competed on a World's Team in cheerleading.  Having Reece on our coach's team is excellent as he is a fantastic influence and inspiration to both male and female cheerleaders.

DBS Checked

First Aid Trained

Degree in Sports Coaching

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AJ Cowdell

Assistant Volunteer Coach

A newcomer to the world of Cheerleading, but one who has adapted very quickly, including being a former captain for CheerUnleashed Trance. AJ is no stranger to tumbling after years of recreational Artistic Gymnastics, both as an athlete and as a junior coach

AJ started his journey with CheerUnleashed back in November 2021 with no experience in cheerleading. But currently he is looking to achieve his Level 1 Coaching Qualification in Cheerleading. He is looking forward to gaining experience coaching younger athletes and is always making their cheerleading experience full of fun and laughter!

DBS Checked


Ellie Butters

Coach Helper

Ellie has always had an interest in flipping backwards and forwards through the air. Having a background in gymnastics for 6 years as a child she was already well set to be a great cheerleader. When Ellie was 12 she transitioned over to cheerleading progressing all the way through to level 4 stunting and level 3 tumbling. Ellie's passion lies within tumbling stating 'If I could do a whole tumble routine I would!' Not only is Ellie a great cheerleader she is also great when working with children, hoping to go to university for primary school teaching and educating more children in our wonderful sport of cheerleading!

DBS Certified